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The new antidote for stubborn body fat, a large waistline and even low sex drive is here…  

But before I go any further… you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should listen to me…
Hi. My name’s Funk Roberts.

I’m a former professional athlete turned MMA strength and conditioning coach… Metabolic Master Trainer… and over-40 transformation specialist…

I just turned 50 this year and can still hang with guys in their 20s inside the octagon… All because…
I Discovered A Way To “Beat The System” And Save Men From Getting Chubby With Age
Which is why it’s important that you keep reading… because on this page I’ll show you how to…
  • Lose between 6-10 lbs. in your first week… and keep the weight falling off with ease for months afterward…
  • Burn belly fat 24/7 effortlessly… I mean it—no effort needed!
  • Manipulate your “hunger cycle”… so you only get hungry at this certain time of day…
  • Skyrocket your alpha male hormones by 180%… which ramps up your sex drive and even more fat loss!
  • Cure belly bloat once and for all… you won’t feel puffy or uncomfortable after large meals ever again…
Why Does This Trick Work So Well For Men?
Reverses Sugar Storage
Every time you eat, your blood insulin levels increase. And instead of burning body fat, your body then uses sugar for fuel… 

The problem is when your body turns its focus to sugar, it stops burning fat. And if you eat enough times in a day, your body never stops using sugar for fuel, and even begins to store it away as body fat… 
But the amazingly simple trick on this page prevents that from happening… so you can stuff your face with the food you love without having to worry about gaining fat. (6)
Unleashes Alpha Hormones
One of the main causes of fat loss and weight gain among men over 40 is that our alpha hormones (which are our primary fat loss hormones) decrease with age

But studies have shown the solution on this page unleashes a fresh surge of alpha hormones into any manno matter your age or weight… so you can get leaner and more ripped without even trying. (7) (8)
Triggers Fat Feeding
Right now, your body isn’t feeding on fat for energywhich is why you struggle with weight gain

But when you use the effortless solution on this page, your nervous system releases a chemical to your fat cells that breaks them down and turns them into fatty acid that can be used for energy. (9) 
Starves Bad Gut Bacteria
There are two types of bacteria in your gut right now… good bacteria and bad bacteria… The good bacteria helps you burn fat, while the bad bacteria makes you store fat

The problem is that most men are constantly feeding their bad gut bacteria and making it stronger while starving their good gut bacteria. But..
A study from University College London found with the solution on this page, you’ll reset your gut, starve the bad bacteria and feed good bacteria so you get leaner and stay healthier with ease. (10)
Reboots Hunger Cycle
Believe it or not, your body wasn’t created to get hungry every couple of hours. That’s the results of hormonal and metabolic imbalances that basically make you a slave to your own appetite…

But studies have shown the solution on this page resets your hunger cycles so you only get hungry at a certain time of day… which is the perfect time to eat without gaining an ounce of body fat. (11)
Lose Fat And Inches Automatically
With This Effortless Hack…
Most of the fat will fall off while you sleep…

And in just weeks you’ll have a leaner midsectionsoaring testosterone levels… and you’ll be lighter on your feet

… because excess flab that’s been weighing you down will disappear like magic.

You’ll knock inches and pounds off with easeand without thinking about it. It’s really that simple…

Reverse years of built up fat, pounds and inches in just months… even weeks! Ready to find out how?
Fasting Over 40
The Male Specific Guide To Stop Weight Gain In Its Tracks Featuring
The Amazingly Simple Reset Trick That Turns Your Body Into
 A Fat Burning Machine

Inside Fasting Over 40 You’ll Get…
  • The #1 dieting mistake 99% of men fall into without realizing… & makes losing fat nearly impossible! Page #13
  • Why breakfast is the most dangerous meal of the day! (and what you should do instead to lose more body fat and have more energy than ever before… all day long.) Flip to page #15
  • The strange eating trick that’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine… that allows you to eat all the food you love GUILT-FREE and without gaining weight…
  • How to skyrocket testosterone levels a whopping 180% with less effort than it takes to read this page! (Our ancient male ancestors used this very same eating hack to stay lean, get strong, hunt predators, and keep our species alive.) Flip to page #10
  • The secret to losing belly fat overnight… (lose inches around your middle… ditch flab on your chest and back… while you sleep!)
  • How to turn any “dirty meal” into a fat blasting one… just make sure you have these 4 elements of the “perfect plate” and indulge all you’d like…
  • What NEVER to do when you wake up if you want to unlock “fat feeding” in your body and burn unwanted belly flab hour after hourPage #18
  • How to trick your body… into doing all the fat-burning dirty work for you! Amazing! Page #12
  • The University of Rochester found having too much belly fat… floods your body with feminizing hormones that give you “man boobs”, erectile dysfunction and mood swings! (12) (13)
  • How to give an extra lift to your libido without pills… shots… creams… or doing anything at all! (just use this lone hack daily and you’ll rewind your sex-drive back to teenage vigor.)
  • Television doctors are telling you to stay away from carbs if you ever want to get lean… Find out why they’re WRONG on page #24.
  • Want complete control over when you get hungry? Do THIS on page #12
  • Is the liberal feminist movement ruining your diet? If you aren’t eating this one food because of unwarranted “health risks”… you’ve already fallen into their trap
  • The dirt cheap supplement (that you already have in your kitchen cabinet) proven to accelerate weight loss… (Pssst… if you drink this while using trick inside, you’ll easily reboot your hunger cycles.)
  • Natural liposuction! Swap fat for lean muscle with this no-nonsense hack for getting a great looking body! Page #25.
  • How to sculpt your body while eating steak, eggs and mashed potatoes… the secret to staying lean for life… how unsuspecting men like you are getting fatter because of this one “no no” cooking oil your wife loves… why you can sit back on game day with a slice of pizza (and burn belly fat while you’re enjoying the game)... and much more!

This Is The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need To Lose Pounds & Inches…
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Using this proven trick… you’ll transform your body overnight into a fat-burning machine…

Sound good?

It’s really that simple. And you can get started before you even stand up from the chair you’re sitting in.

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You’ll reveal lean muscle that’s been hiding under layers of fat… and your partner will hardly be able to contain her excitement when she sees you naked.

Plus, your testosterone levels will shoot through the roof… and you’ll feel healthy, strong and confident everywhere you go.

You’ll feel like a new you after this smooth transformation. 

Now, given everything you’ve discovered on this page… 
I’m Sure You’re Wondering How To Get Your Hands
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Honestly, I’ve done everything I can to make it as easy as possible to do that…

Because Fasting Over 40 is completely digital…

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And second, I made this product digital so I can keep the price low

With that said… I’m giving you a limited-time price that could go up any day now.

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I know you’re busy… and I know sometimes things like birthdays and holidays can get in the way of you starting with full steam ahead. So I want to give you enough time to really give this program your best shot…

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Funk Roberts
I’m here making this available to you for only $9 because I want you to get these amazing results before it catches on like hotcakes and I have to raise the price to $59 due to customer support overload... (which will happen. It does everytime I release a new program).

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Fast Action Price $9 // $59
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