ATTENTION: Men over 40 who want to see their abs, even for the first time...
Finally! You Can Have Hard, Visible 6 Pack Abs and Melt Your Belly Fat In Only 4 Minutes a Day... Whether You Are 40, 50, 60 or Older
(without worrying about injury and recovery)
On this page you’ll see exactly what to STOP doing, and how I’ve been able to “reset my 6 pack” three different times.

Keep reading if you want…
  • To blast through your belly fat and have hard, visible abs
  • Create an “anti-aging” core so you don’t fall victim to Lower Back Pain 
  • Get back the manly confidence back
  • Get more wanted attention
From: Funk Roberts
RE: six pack in your sixties

Dear Men Over 40,

If you want have washboard abs and a strong, solid core that allows you to perform your everyday tasks without aches and pains…

Or even if you just want to find the man inside that is hiding behind a layer or two of stubborn fat, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

For men our age, we are taught to believe that if you don’t have abs in your 20’s, you’ll never have a six pack.
 I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, but that men over 40 NEED
to make it their mission to get, and sustain, a hard core and visible abs.

If Alan can have 6 pack abs and a hard core at the age of 62...
You can do it too.
I FIRMLY believe your core is the most important set of muscles you need to strengthen once you hit 40.

Here’s why you NEED to implement an Ab and Core strengthening program today...

The longer you put off strengthening your core and developing visible abs, the quicker you can become a victim to Lower Back Pain that can take you out.
… losing your ability to make money, providing for your family, keeping active,
doing simple tasks around the house, and running around with the ones you love...
The Scary Stats:
 It Could Happen To You:
“The incidence of back pain is highest in people in their 40s, while the prevalence of back pain increases with age.” [1]

“... 72% of adult low back pain healthcare visits are under age 64, with prevalence peaking between age 35 and 55.” [2]
 It Leads To Expensive Healthcare Bills:
“Medical costs for individuals with low back pain are about 75% higher than costs for those without back pain.” [2]
 It Can Cost Your Ability To Make Money:
“One in 5 workers are unable to return to work within a month of an episode; one in ten are unable to return within three months, and one in twenty are permanently disabled.” [2]
 It Only Gets Worse:
“Due to Sarcopenia (natural muscle decline) at our age, strength begins to decline by 10-15% per decade up until the age of 70 when it accelerates to 25 - 40%. [3]
Therefore, Statistically There’s a Good Chance..
You’ll either continue to keep up your lifestyle, hoping you don’t become a someone who loses their inability to work, walk, and live a normal life.
You can do something today to begin strengthening your core and developing strong, healthy core and 6 pack abs.
The Good News Is...
“Age related skeletal muscle loss is reversible with activity. Men over 66 following a resistance training program for 12 weeks increased strength by 5% per day!” [3]
Your Core Connects Your Upper and Lower Body.
Every movement you make relies on your core.

Don’t take it for granted.

You can strengthen your core to increase mobility and movement into your old age, or you can let it deteriorate day-by-day until you become a victim of the previously mentioned back pain statistics.
Here's what you need to do ...
First, let me tell you who I am.

My name is Funk Roberts and I'm a former professional athlete and the guy who helps men over 40 shed belly fat and get six pack abs at any age.

I've struggled with belly fat for most of my life.
I don't have any genetic advantages, so I've had to learn these 6 pack formulas for myself...
Proving they work 3x OVER for myself
My Tabata Ab & Core Program
Is The Byproduct Of My 20 Years In Fitness,
So I’ve Gone Ahead And Eliminated:
  • Ab exercises that I found are a waste of time (I’ll cover that next)
  • Workouts that cause injury and recovery issues for men over 40
  • The best all-around movements to cover your complete core (more on that below)
Leaving you only with the short, simple 4 minute, follow along workouts that burn deep through belly fat into the muscle groups that will allow you to develop a visible 6 pack and a solid anti-aging core.

These exercises were formulated by myself, a man over 40, for men over 40 to get six pack abs at any age without worrying about recovery or lower back pain injuries.
The longer you put off strengthening your abs and core, the more work your lower back has to do all day, until it develops into aches, pain and injuries.
Which Is Why You Need To Ditch
The 3 Worst (but most common) Ab Exercises, and Follow a Complete Ab & Core Protocol
Here’s why “Core Switching” is the only way to develop a strong core and 6 pack abs that allow you to maintain movement and motion into your old age…

And why the most popular ab exercises are actually the least effective way to get you there.
First Thing You Need To STOP Doing Are These
Common “6 Pack Exercises”:
First Exercise To Ditch: Crunches
Crunches don’t work. They are only 6-8% effective in actually activating your “6 pack region”. [4]

Plus they are harmful to your spine...
“Stuart McGill, PhD, found that crunches place 749.60 pounds of compressed force on your spine in a crunch position. This can cause the discs in your back to bulge, causes lower-back pain, and potentially causes a herniated disc.”[5]
Second Exercise To Ditch: Side Bend for Obliques
If you want a thick waist, side bends are for you. But if you want a streamlined waist (those V lines), if you want to be strong and agile, side bends need to go.

These are ineffective, they’re slow and boring.
Third Exercise to Ditch: Sit-Ups
Along with crunches, sit-ups also provide very few results.  Here again, you’ll often see people literally swinging their arms upward as they try and crunch up with everything they’ve got.  The end result is very little core muscle recruitment.

They also put you at serious risk for upper back and neck pain. The US Military trainers are phasing them out because 56 percent of soldiers' injuries in this test were because of the sit-ups. [6]
These “6 Pack Exercises” Only Focus On 1 of the 4 Muscle Groups You Need to Develop Anti-Aging Core Strength and Hard, Visible Abs:
Your Core Actually Consists of 4 Muscle Groups,
Ranging From Your Neck To Your Buttocks:
  • 1. Rectus Abdominis: the 6-pack region required for stabilizing and bending.
  • 2. Transversus Abdominis: the deep core muscle fibers required for your 6 pack to be functional not just pretty
  • 3. Internal and External Obliques: the sides of your core required for rotation.
  • 4. Erector Spinae: the muscle from neck to lower back required for balancing your frontal strength, and aid in stability (think holding heavy things in front of you)
The problem is…
the most popular ab exercises only work 1 - 2 abs and core muscle groups.
This creates an imbalance in your core, which actually accelerates poor posture and increases strain on your lower back.

Which is why it’s crucial for men over 40 to follow the right abs and core program because your recovery time is slower and your chances of injury are greater than those in their 20’s who can just follow any Youtube video.

The trick is to do a variety of ranges of motion, in different angles and positions, in order to engage all 4 muscle groups to have a strong, balanced core.

… while ensuring they don’t put a strain on your neck and lower back, risking injury.
In Fact, When You Follow The Right Formula
for Ab & Core Development...
  • You’ll decrease chances of ending up with lower back issues and expensive healthcare costs
  • You’ll have the mobility and strength needed to continue making money and keeping busy in your 60, 70s, etc.
  • You'll skip the exercises that waste time so you can look like you spend hours in the gym, when really you only need 4 minutes a day from home
  • You stop wondering what exercises actually burn belly fat and increase dense abdominal muscles for men your age
  • You'll find it's easier to stand in one place longer without slouching or sitting, making it easier at home and at work
When You Follow This Formula, You’ll Accidentally Burn Belly Fat and Increase Metabolism...
The 4-In-4 Afterburn Effect
The key to increasing metabolism and burning belly fat, while developing core strength in all 4 muscle groups

Is to create the Afterburn Effect.

The follow along workouts you’ll see in the Tabata Abs & Core Program are only 4 minutes.

This way you get it done, but we have very short rest periods so that we go deeper into the burn. This way you burn calories long after your workout.

… no more long, strenuous workouts, just to burn an extra calorie or two in the hopes it will even affect your stubborn belly fat.

This is kinda like boiling water.
It’s hot at 150 degrees, but it’s not going to be effective in burning off bacteria until it hits 212 degrees.

Your belly fat works the same way.

It’s a method called “HIIT” we leverage in Tabata Abs & Core.
Enter, science...
“The American College of Sports Medicine notes that HIIT workouts tend to burn 6 percent to 15 percent more calories compared to other workouts, thanks to the calories you burn after you exercise.

Tabata not only burns the same calories in four minutes as an hour of steady-state exercise (biking or jogging), but there's also a significant 'after burn' effect, where an additional 150 calories are being burned up to 12 hours after you {finish the workout}.[7]
Therefore, if you’re a man above the age of 40…
  • It’s critical you find a proper ab solution designed for men your age
  • It’s critical you find something that involves all 4 Abs and Core Muscle Groups so you can create anti-aging strength and fight the statistics of Lower Back Pain…
  • It’s critical you don’t waste another minute *thinking* about working out, or *researching* all the nuances, and commit to sculpting a strong core that will carry you into your later years while you look good doing it.
… the clock is NOT on our side.
So Does It Work…
I’ve built my reputation on being the fitness trainer who walks the talk.

As a man in his 40s (fifty this year), I had to figure out for myself how to get my body back 3 times over!
First when my ex-girlfriend dumped me for being fat, lazy, and libido-less… before the age of 40.
Second time when I collapsed to the floor in agonizing pain, rushed to the hospital, and operated on to remove my burst Appendix…

I was sentenced to four weeks on a couch, gaining 20 lbs of embarrassing belly fat only 4 weeks before this photoshoot opportunity:
And AGAIN when I collapsed thinking I was going to die for the second time, being rushed to the hospital to be diagnosed with the rare Crypto-Organizing Pneumonia...

Which meant I could allow my lungs to continue to collapse…

Or take prescription pills that guaranteed my chances of destroying my Testosterone (and credibility) and packing on the belly fat...
Each Time I Had To Restart My 6 Pack Training,
 It Wasn’t Just About The Abs...
  • … It Was The Way I Felt About Myself
  • … It Was The Way My Wife Looked At Me
  • … It Was The Way I Showed Up In This World
It’s The Way I’ve Been Able To Help Others Just Like You...
So You Can Choose To Do Nothing.
 Continue Sitting, Scrolling, and Slouching
And hope the natural aging process skips over you.
Or You Can Choose To Join Us
And follow a simple, short, step-by-step Ab & Core program designed
with YOU in mind to get you in the best shape of your life.
So Here's The No B.S. Bottom Line With
The Tabata Abs & Core Program
  • You'll get 10 high definition 4-minute follow along workout videos
  • You’ll get the free e-Book to give context to the workouts
  • You’ll get to workout with me as we struggle to achieve the Afterburn together
  • You’ll get through it quickly so your friends and coworkers can begin to wonder how you have time to hit the gym
  • You’ll get more wanted attention from the Mrs
  • Your confidence will trickle into every other area of your life
  • And you’ll age well as you learn how to develop anti-aging core strength so you can continue to work and play and perform daily activities without the aches and pains that are plaguing so many of our older Brothers
  • You’ll know exactly what ab exercises to do at your age to sculpt all 4 muscle groups without fear of injury or slow recovery taking you out.
  • You’ll sit better, stand longer, and carry yourself just a little bit taller
...And you get all of this for only $97 $9
Yes Funk. I Am Ready To Get Shredded Six-Pack Abs From The Comfort Of My Own Living Room
Send me the entire 30-DAY TABATA ABS & CORE system for only $9, the equivalence of a Big Mac Meal.
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If "Tabata Abs and Core Program" doesn't show me exactly what to do to have washboard abs... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to have a strong, solid core, or if it fails to help me understand how to shed even a pound of stubborn belly fat, then I understand that I will receive a full refund.

No Questions Asked!!
As you can see all the risk is on my shoulders, so...
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Let's Get It Done,
Funk Roberts,
Abs in your 40s, 50s, 60s...
P.S. Every day that goes by that you're not strengthening your core is another day closer to lower back pain injury and unpaid days from work. All you have to do is invest 4 minutes a few times per week and you can have the sculpted abs and solid core that will bring you pain free into old age.
Men Are Getting 6 Pack Abs
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